5 common signs of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder. It causes periodic, unpredictable flare ups. The exact causes for this disease is not known and there is no known cure for it either. The family, if it decides to look after the patient, has to make some really strong long-term commitment and willingness to sacrifice and bear a lot of inconveniences too. The patient will have to be under a strict watch all the time.

However, if the early signs are recognized for what they are and a proper treatment is started, a schizophrenic person can lead an active, productive and socially acceptable life. Proper treatment does not only involve proper medication. Ensuring uninterrupted use is also very important. Long cessation would cause a relapse. There had to be proper rehabilitation and continuous support. The happiness and relief one has from the fact that their loved one has joined the mainstream life and is as normal as normal can be will be compensation enough for all the sacrifices they have made and hardship they have suffered. An eye has to be kept on the patient to detect a relapse early and to get him the needed treatment.

The important symptoms of schizophrenia are grouped into positive symptoms and negative symptoms. The so-called positive symptoms are behavioral traits that have crept into his personality.

Delusion and hallucinations are two of such symptom. In delusion, the patient firmly believes that someone is keeping a watch and spying on him and that he is a very famous personality. Some false ideas like these are the classic false beliefs he acquires. Hallucinations, on the other hand are false sensations like seeing lights, figures, sensing smells and hearing sounds no one else senses.
Disordered behavior is another positive symptom. It often reflects in his personal hygiene and the dresses he chooses for himself.

The other group of symptoms represent a loss of capacity from his personality. These symptoms are include asocial behavior and lack of motivation. The person will keep to himself and avoids company. He stays at home all the time and does not want to go out and mingle with people or interact with others. He does not show any eagerness to do anything. He will not do anything on his own. Flatness of emotion is another symptom. He is seldom emotionally stirred. He just sits there with no effect whatsoever of happenings around him.

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5 common signs of schizophrenia