• Reasons Why GPS Tracking Systems are The Need of The Hour

    Global positioning system or GPS is a popular technology used in asset management such as equipment, vehicles, and personnel. It is created and maintained by the government and it can be availed by anyone having a GPS receiver. Fleet GPS tracking systems utilize the GPS technology to establish the position of vehicles. It allows the management professionals to use the assets judiciously and reduce costs thereby improving productivity.

    Fleet GPS tracking systems are used exclusively worldwide in the transportation and trucking industry. GPS is believed to be a practical, safe and efficient system to manage the vehicle fleet. GPS sends transmissions to satellites which are then received by receiver units.

    What are the benefits of Fleet GPS tracking systems?
    Have a look at the few benefits offered by GPS tracking systems in the transportation industry:

    • Time saver: Time plays an important role in our lives and those in the transportation business will vouch for this. Your fleet may get stuck in traffic for several minutes or hours on some occasions. With the help of fleet GPS tracking systems, your managers will be able to guide you and ask you to avoid busy roads in real-time.
    • Reduces downtime: A reduced downtime enables a transportation company to improve its profitability and productivity. With the help of an efficient GPS system, you can schedule your trips more proficiently, improve the productivity and thus reduce the downtime.
    • Better use of resources: Fleet GPS tracking systems not only allow you to monitor vehicles but also get a real-time, comprehensive information about engine idling, fuel usage, driver behavior, etc. All this information helps you use your resources efficiently and save money.
    • Lowers operating costs: A good GPS tracking system will enable you to choose the shortest route having less traffic. This will not only help reduce fuel consumption but also avoid the unnecessary over-time cost.
    • Lowers insurance costs: If you aren’t aware then you should know that insurance companies offer special discounts of up to 35% on your premium amount if your vehicle is equipped with a GPS system. Doesn’t it make a great benefit of fleet GPS tracking systems?
    • Get the most from your vehicle: Your fleet manager can get data from the GPS tracking software and help reduce fuel consumption, reduce over-speeding and eliminate any idle time. All this helps you get the most from your vehicle and help your business prosper.
    • Manage drivers and field staff effectively: Fleet managers can obtain data from the GPS system and analyze it to manage the staff and drivers effectively. In short, managers are able to take corrective measures wherever it is needed.
    • Keep customers happy: Loyalty of customers is important for the success of any transportation business. GPS tracking systems will allow your fleet to respond to service calls efficiently and get to your customers on time. This will ensure you build a loyal clientele in due course of time and eventually improve your business.
    • Optimize your budget: Fleet managers can analyze the data obtained from the GPS system and also get a better understanding of the routes taken by the drivers. Managers can then analyze any profit or loss and decide on a budget accordingly.
    • Timely alerts: Fleet GPS tracking systems send an email or SMS alerts every time your vehicle goes out of the business zone. Additionally, the system can send notifications in case of accidents or other mishaps thereby allowing you to take any necessary action.

    Some fleet tracking software systems are;

    • GPS Insight Tracking Solution
    • Fleet Maintenance Programs by ManagerPlus
    • Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR
    • ClearPathGPS
    • Agile FleetCommander
    • Azuga
    • Fleetio
    • myGeotab
    • Omnitracs
    • US Fleet Tracking

    Overall, GPS tracking systems lower the risk of accidents, improve the utilization of the resources and enables the drivers to maintain good practices. All these benefits will ensure your business grows efficiently.

  • Track your fleet with GPS systems

    If you own a fleet of vehicles, you ought to know where your vehicles are, whether they require maintenance, how to reduce travel time, and not to mention how possibly you can reduce fuel costs. Well, with technological advances, today, all this can be sorted with the help of fleet GPS tracking systems. Also, today fleet tracking software is not expensive and is considered a great investment for any enterprise. We have listed a few tracking software solutions that are suitable for your company.

    GPS Insight
    If you have a small or mid-size company then GPS Insight is the one for you. It offers fleet GPS tracking systems and E-Log solutions that allows you to run your fleet smoothly.

    Key features are:

    • Visibility of fleet in Real-time
    • Helps control speeding, idling, unauthorized use and provides maintenance schedules
    • Improved electronic reporting(automated) that reduce tedious paper-work
    • Improves response time and encourages job completion to provide high-quality customer service
    • Provides you with quick theft recovery in case your vehicle is stolen

    ClearPathGPS allows businesses to have a complete control of its tracking system. It offers easy-to-use web-based software that includes free mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Additionally, ClearPathGPS offers onsite support and full-service installation. A plus point having CLearPathGPS is that it has no contracts and businesses love it!

    Key features are:

    • Allows you to suspend services any time you wish
    • Reduce your risks, track maintenance, control labor expenses and improves productivity
    • 30-second updates via Verizon
    • Offers warranty
    • Installed by professionals

    Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR
    One of the leading providers of web-based GPS tracking systems, Teletrac Navman provides fleet GPS tracking systems to over 40,000 business across the globe. Their DIRECTOR solution allows enterprises to direct their fleet and mobile staff using a single platform.

    Key features are:

    • Caters to the needs of every fleet size
    • Allows business to take insightful decisions by accessing data 24/7
    • Increases overall revenue by reducing operational complexities
    • Leverages the existing technology in your vehicle

    This award-winning provider enables fleet managers to improve productivity, the safety of drivers in compliance with Big Data. Its web-based system provides vehicle and driver information in one place. This helps enterprises take an informed decision.

    Key features are:

    • Adapts to fleets of various sizes
    • Generates new opportunities for savings and growth through its powerful tools
    • Simplifies data collection before transforming it to useful information for businesses to act on
    • The software allows fleet managers in measuring events such as fleet optimization, safety, compliance, productivity, and expandability
    • Offers exceptional driver behavior management, strong engine data reporting, Advanced reporting, route optimization, vehicle maintenance, GPS vehicle tracking, etc

    Omnitracs is the pioneer of SaaS fleet management solutions and innovative software. Their software helps businesses retain drivers and increases the productivity of businesses. It helps businesses streamline their operations and increase revenue.

    Key features are:

    • Software complies with HOS, IFTA, ELD, FMCSA, and DOT
    • Enhanced route planning services for customer satisfaction
    • Improved fleet tracking for better understanding steps to consider for complete protection and reducing any safety-related incidents

    US Fleet Tracking
    It provides live asset and vehicle GPS tracking software and devices. US Fleet Tracking provides unmatched fleet GPS tracking systems that enable fleet managers to access data from anywhere and have complete control over it.

    Key features are:

    • Allows tracking and management of assets on the go with mobile fleet management
    • Real-time traffic and weather conditions
    • Provides alert notifications such as geofence alerts, speed alerts, idle alerts, maintenance alerts, and ignition alerts
    • A comprehensive reporting system that helps companies to improve scheduling thereby saving money and time

    In general, fleet GPS tracking systems allow you to track and manage a fleet efficiently while enhancing your operations, lowering risks, reducing costs and growth in revenue. There are several other companies that offer efficient tracking systems. After a thorough understanding and depending on your business needs, you must choose the best for your business.

  • The Cheapest Tires Online for Different Needs

    Tires are the only part of the vehicle that come in contact with the ground and define how smooth the car will run. Buying the right tire is not only essential for the vehicle but also for your own safety in the long run. Firstly, it is essential to know the difference between winter tires and all weather tires before buying the cheapest tires online.

    • All Weather Tires
      As the name suggests, these are devised so that you can drive your vehicle seamlessly in all weathers and don’t have to worry about getting it changed frequently. However, it does become less flexible in colder weathers particularly because it is not equipped with the capabilities of a full-fledged winter tire. Nevertheless, it works absolutely well on wet and dry paths and is more appropriate for those who live in warmer areas.
    • Winter Tires
      These tires are more robust as well as powerful and great for treading on snowy roads. They offer more flexibility and acceleration in low temperatures and makes driving much easier. However, they need to be changed very frequently and given their massive size, it becomes a task to store them.

    To buy the cheapest tires online for winters, Tire Warehouse offers the following deals:

    • Get a rebate of up to $40 off instantly on the purchase of four tires from any brand except Kelly as well as Goodyear.
    • You are eligible to receive up to $80 off if a set of qualifying tires from Goodyear is ordered. If you purchase via a Goodyear credit card, then get ready to get a doubled up rebate. Similarly, when paying via Drive Card, the rebate gets magnified, although these rebates are offered through a MasterCard.
    • Buying Yokohama Torante tires from Tire Warehouse can make you win up to $100 off subject to satisfaction of certain requirements and terms.
    • Get nitrogen inflated inside tires at a discount of 20%, which will help in keeping corrosion and rust at bay, offer more dependence, enhance durability as well as maintain the appropriate pressure in the tire.

    Tire Warehouse has claimed to sell the cheapest tires online and to add impetus to this claim, it has offered to provide tires for free in case any other competitor is able to offer a better quote. The starting price is around $39.99, which is very low and indeed this factor makes it a seller of the cheapest tires online. Also, at its warehouse, alignment check, balance as well as pressure check services are all given for free, meaning that the total expenses are minimized significantly. Hankook, Autogrip, Economy, Blacklion and other branded tires are easily available here.

    Simple Tires is yet another online retailer that presents various rebates, deals as well as coupons so that you can buy the cheapest tires online. As it is, their prices are relatively low and these deals further help in securing huge savings.

    • Toyo tires are offered at a discount of 15%.
    • Nitto and Sailun tires can be purchased at a discount of 10%.
    • 5% off can be availed on tires from the company Kumho, Pirelli, Nexen and Goodyear.
    • Tires from Achilles are available at 10% less than the market price.

    Regular passenger tires begin from around $133.92 from Achilles and range up to a maximum of around $374.93 from Atturo. An exclusive category of tires offered by Simple Tires includes Mud Terrain that is a good option for off-road activities. They include nylon as a protective layer against obstacles such as rocks. The starting range is around $108.98 from the brand Nankang and goes up to around $1055.92 from BF Goodrich.

    Therefore, online will get tires from well of brands as well as normal brands and you can choose on which will best fit into the kind of car, truck or any other vehicle that you own. Other avenues for buying the cheapest tires online include Amazon and Best Buy.

  • Where To Get The Cheapest Tires Online

    All vehicle enthusiasts know how important it is to buy high-quality tires, especially when driving has to be undertaken on different terrains. When you buy a vehicle, companies offer you the best tires along with. However, as time passes by and the vehicle is put to rough use, these get worn out and necessitate the need for new ones. In such a case, tire buying decision becomes an essential one since that will define the life of your entire vehicle. However, the fact remains that they are not offered for a cheap price especially good quality ones. Nevertheless, buying online is an intelligent decision since you can get the cheapest tires online easily. Have a look at the following retailers who offer the cheapest tires online:

    Online Tires
    They claim to satisfy all your tire related needs by providing the biggest discounts and affordable rates. As part of their promotions, these coupons are offered:

    • Buy four tires from Goodyear and stand a chance to win up to $40 worth MasterCard from Goodyear. In accordance with the category of tires you buy, you can also get up to $50, $60, $70, and $80 on the same.
    • Note that some tires are available for a price lesser than the original price for a particular period of time.
    • Buy four tires from Kelly and stand a chance to win up to $20 worth MasterCard from Goodyear.

    Tire Rack
    Not only does Tire Rack sell tires and deliver them quickly but it also helps you in choosing the best installer near to your location. The coupons offered encompass the following perks:

    • By buying 4 tires of a particular type from Dunlop, you are entitled to receive up to $50 as a Mail-in rebate and up to $100 if paid via Goodyear Credit card. However, the rebate cannot be used on certain tires of SP Winter Sport 3D, etc.
    • Similarly, by full filling a list of terms and conditions, one also becomes eligible to get up to $80 off Mail-in rebate and up to $200 off on Goodyear card.
    • You can also buy tire gauge for different vehicles such as the digital one with the case from Intercomp is available for around $274.95.

    Tire Buyer
    As part of their Spring Sale, Tire Buyer is providing $40 off on orders that are equivalent to or above $400. The rebates make It a hot destination for buying the cheapest tires online:

    • To honor members of the military force, Tire Buyer offers 7% additional discount to them. However, they will have to get their identity verified for the same.
    • If you choose an installer who ha partnered with the company, you will be able to take advantage of free delivery which will further bring the overall cost of the tire.
    • A $40 prepaid card can be received by buyers if they purchase a set of four assurances – All Season tires ranging from $69.99 to $138.99 each or Ultra Grip Winter Tires worth $68.99-$179.99 each.
    • Goodyear Eagle Sport, Fuel Max and Ice WRT are also eligible for the MasterCard offer.
    • For availing $40 off, tires from the brands Falken, Firestone, Bridgestone, Ironman, etc can be purchased.

    Tire Easy
    This is another site that offers the cheapest tires online for all needs. By taking advantage of the rebates, you can save big and get the best tires in your garage. You can avail a maximum of $80 off through Goodyear MasterCard Card if you buy tires from the brands Kelly, Goodyear, or Dunlop. However, this is not available on the purchase of one single tire and a set of at least four has to be added to cart to put the promo code.

    Different terrains will require specific types of tires, for example, you will need more gripping ones for snowy regions, etc. Therefore, make sure you keep in mind all these dimensions and enter the correct details when making an online purchase.

  • Simple Facts About Tires You Must Know

    There are various tire brands in the world that may be manufactured in the country. If you are looking for the best tires to buy which are made in the country, then you should have to know that the many foreign world tire manufacturers already have worked in the country. There are only two brands that are prepared in the country: Goodyear and Cooper. There are various largest companies in the world which may have their plants in the country. These brands are Michelin, Bridges tone, Pirelli, Continental as well as Yokohama. If you want tires made in the country, then you must check that the tires are made in the plant in the country. This applies to tires made of metal as well as made of the rubber. The railroads’ vehicles which may run on the smooth steel surface, it may use the steel tire for the low resistance. With the low resistance, it may also include the strength, lastingness, as well as the resistance to wear.

    When you are buying a new tier for your vehicle is not an easy task. You must first know which type of tire you want for your vehicle. You must choose the tire according to your driving as well as the area where you live. Tires come in various types. Each and every type of tire have his own benefits as well as disadvantages. You may travel on any road as well as in any season without any risk. This type of tire is best for you to ride with peace as well as enjoyment.

    Let us discuss best tires in detail:

    General Grabber AT2 Radial Tire – 265/70R17 115S
    This brand producing the various number of the tires with high quality. This tire is applicable to the various type of vehicles. It may provide the best driving environment. This tire is intended to increase the tread life. The designed as well as the tread pattern helps to reduce the noise of the road and able to provide you the smooth and comfortable ride. This tire is best in the rain as well as snow season. The self-cleaning pace may help to increase the rubbing on as well as off the road. The price of this tire in the market is around $150.9.

    Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ All-Terrain Radial Tire – LT315/70R17 121Q
    This type of tire provides the great ride as well as you may handle the vehicle perfectly on the highway. These type of tire may provide the high-performance handling, worse puncture opposition, as well as the improved towing ability. This tire may have the 3-ply sidewall in all the sizes. It may also provide the Self-cleaning in the mud as well as in the snow season. The best price for this type of tire is around $339.12.

    Hankook Dyna Pro AT-m RF10 Off-Road Tire – 245/75R16 109T
    These type of tire may provide you the hardy look, as well as the increases, puncture opposition. It may also able to increase the performance of your vehicle on the wet roads. If you are fond of driving then you must pick this tire. The main benefit of the tire is that it is practicality as well as affordable. This tire is able to handle all road conditions. The tiered side routine for an inevitable area. The price for this tire in the market is around $103.99.

    Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire – 235/75R15 105S
    This brand tire is world famous as well as the most trusted brand in the whole world. These tires may have the ongoing bequest of success as well as a reputation for the best quality tires and contented drivers. These types of tires are able to handle all type of roads. These tires will provide you with the best performance during the rainy season, snow as well as in dry conditions. The current discount price for this tire is around $73.98.

  • The Hidden Mystery Behind Tires

    The tires are the main part of the vehicle. So, you must, when taking maintenance of your vehicle, take care of your vehicle tire also. The best quality and brand of tire will be able to provide you the high performance as well as safety. If you will provide the good maintenance to your vehicle tire it may last for a long time. As sometimes there is no matter that how much you take care of the tires, as the time goes the tires will affect. It means that the no tire will last forever. As the time passes the tires will crack as well as damage. You just take care of the tires to keep them safe as well as to make them last more time. If you face any type of little problem related to your vehicle tire then it is the time to change the tire. It may also hazards to your life so do not take any risk with your life.

    When you want a break from life and want to go on holidays for a peace. New, as well as high quality tires, are able to reduce the noise of the road. It may also able to reduce the vibration as well as harshness that is able to take the fun while you are driving. If you have a peaceful ride then you easily able to understand the conversations of your partner and you may enjoy the music playing in your vehicle.

    Let us discuss best tires in detail:

    Cooper Discoverer STT Pro All-Terrain Radial Tire – LT265/75R16 123/120Q
    These type of tire are the most updated as well as the advanced tires to date. The Discoverer STT PRO gives the exceeding traction as well as the performance in some of the rough terrains on the Earth. These type of tire may have the typical tread design as well as provide the high performance on the road. This tire may have the 3-Ply Armor-Tek3 and aggressive 3-2 center rib design as well as more. This tire may able to fit accordingly what your vehicle really capable of. The cost of this tire in the arcade is around $220.81.

    Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Radial Tire – 225/50R18 94T
    This tire is able to provide you the best as well as a smooth ride in all seasons. The four circumferential grooves available in this tire help you to displace water for increased wet traction. The premium side styling provides a contemporary quality. The best price for this product is around $59.95.

    Cooper Cobra GT All-Season Tire – 275/60R15 107T
    This tire may have the high-performance pace for accrued tire-to-road contact, which tracks to advance in tread wear as well as the handling. This tire may available in all sizes as well as available for all the vehicles. This brand of tires is the best and these tires are among the best in the country. If you want to buy this tire, you may get for about $123.51.

    Cooper Starfire RS-C 2.0 All-Season Radial Tire – 185/70R14 88H
    This tire is compatible in all the seasons. The design of this tire is amazing so it is best in winter, summer etc. This tire is designed as per customers reviews and this tire is not costly as any middle-class people able to buy it. The cost of this price is just $40.40. you may buy this tire in any size for any type of vehicle. The performance of this tire is overall good and it may able to provide good handling. This tire is best for the wet as well as slippery roads. This tire has the modern look as well as attractive in style. This may provide you the best speed on the highway. This tire is amazing from all sides. There is no risk with this tire as you may freely buy this tire for your vehicle.

  • Best Tires for Your Vehicles to Ensure Smooth Riding

    Vehicle owners are constantly worried about the quality and performance of tires. Though there are few tire brands in the world, it can be confusing which one is right for your vehicle. You can find a lot of tires at discounted prices online if you are looking for a great deal. However, eventually the performance of the tires matter.

    Before buying a tire, it is important to know the purposes and usage. Based on that, you can choose from high-performance tires, all season tires, mud and snow tires., etc. Such a variety of tires are meant to help vehicles improve their efficiency levels to a great extent. All season tires are suitable for places that have two distinct seasons i.e. cold and hot. The primary advantage is that they convenient to use. High-performance tires are available with soft materials thereby showing ways for getting better traction control. They have shallow treads allowing the users to gain more benefits. On the other hand, mud and snow tires are suitable for ensuring a grip on snow or ice to avoid unwanted issues.

    It is advisable to replace the tires in a vehicle regularly to increase the lifespan. Maintaining tires properly for responsible driving can maximize the mileage of a vehicle, which in turn lets riders achieve the best results. People who own vehicles should diagnose the conditions of tires in a service center for reducing risks. On the other hand, it is necessary to choose a tire which exactly suits a vehicle model.

    Those who buy tires for the first time should focus more on brand, quality, budgets, and other things to make their investments valuable. Nowadays, leading automobile shops offer different types of tires to vehicles at affordable rates. In fact, they provide opportunities for finding tires at discounted prices online for ordering them according to needs. Another thing is that customers can compare the prices and quality of tires easily, which was not the case few years ago.

    Finding the best tires at discounted prices  for a vehicle
    Anyone interested to buy a new tire should give more importance to comfort, handling, maintenance, noise, snow traction, and mileage. It is wise to read the reviews and ratings of tires from different sources if you wish to make the right decision. The types of tires used in a country may vary a lot; vehicle users can choose the best tires available at discounted prices to experience desired outcomes. Most products come with rubber materials and they make the riding process more safe and sound. Besides that, some ensure more support when driving a vehicle.

    • General Tires is a leading brand in the markets which comes with fine rubber tires. The comfort balance technology in a tire enables people to make a ride enjoyable. Apart from that, it is even available with advanced technologies which help one to plan a ride on rough surfaces.
    • Goodyear tire lasts long, enabling the riders to enjoy more mileage. In addition, it is an excellent choice for winter and all seasons; complete satisfaction is guaranteed. It is great looking and safe; it lets you stay away from potential threats.
    • Cooper tire is fast selling brand in the markets and they come with features like safety, stability, and more mileage. Besides that, it is necessary to seek support from expert teams before buying the product.
    • BFGoodrich is the first tire production company that introduced the concept of radial tires. It is smooth, quiet, and long lasting and makes saving additional expenses possible. Besides that, the prices are more reasonable.
    • Hoosier is another brand that attracts a lot of customers in the markets. It offers tires for racing and competition purposes to get more safety while riding a vehicle. The tire makes ensures excellent support on the roads to avoid unwanted problems.

    Nowadays, it is easy to search for tires at discounted prices online. Customers can purchase these tires at discounted prices as per their needs and budgets. However, one should check the warranty and other terms and conditions while buying a brand. A tire is the most important part of a vehicle and people should also take special care at the time of ordering a product to prevent costly repairs.

  • Most Popular Tire Brands in the Market

    Functioning of a vehicle depends on the quality of tires. It is important to maintain tires in good condition to ensure a safe and smooth ride. Experts also advise that users should get the condition of their tires checked at a service center as it will help to avoid issues later.

    Buying a tire involves several challenges and one should know the tips for managing them with ease. The grade, materials, performance, and features may vary with a brand. It is necessary to choose a tire which fits a passenger, truck, trailer, and other vehicles perfectly, as it ultimately results in a comfortable ride. Anyone who wants to buy a tire should give importance to the brand, type, materials, costs, quality, durability, and flexibility. Since a tire is the most important part of a vehicle, it is advisable to select a high-quality product for meeting the exact needs of the owner.

    Searching for tires at discounted rates to save money
    Nowadays, the Internet allows customers to search for discounted tires, thereby saving them time and money. In addition, it gives them options to order the right tire based on their requirement of sizes and dimensions. Several websites also allow you to compare the prices and features of different tires. This helps you to take an informed and reliable decision.

    People who want to order all-season tires, winter tires, summer tires, and other tires can benefit a lot from these websites which help to make a sound decision in the buying process. It is possible to search them easily and accomplish goals.

    Anyone willing to buy the tires at discounted prices should also read the reviews and ratings at the time of purchasing a tire.

    What are some of the popular tire brands that you can find at discounted prices?

    • Michelin tire is a leading brand in the markets. They offer a wide range of tires for different types of vehicles. Designed with cutting-edge technologies, their tires are reliable and safe. They allow a person to ride a vehicle safely. Several features are provided to ensure that these tires are safe on all surfaces. Additionally, their prices are affordable, which is an added advantage.
    • Pirelli P$ four Seasons Plus all-season tires are the perfect choice for a variety of cars. The tires show great friction in the dry, wet, and snowy weather, thus giving more advantages to the users during a riding process. Another thing is that it reduces the noise levels and addresses essential needs. Not to miss, these tires come with more mile warranty compared to other brands.
    • Firestone designs tires for cars, SUVs, and trucks. This is a popular brand in the country due to its unique features and the wide choices. You can choose tires based on fuel-efficiency, driving surfaces, weather requirements or stability. With such a range of options, these tires are easy to handle.
    • Continental is yet another fast-selling brand in the country that makes all-season tires. Their focus is performance and comfort so that riders don’t have a tough time on the roads. Additionally, the tires are also meant to keep your vehicle fuel efficient. Some of the other features of Continental tires include strength, flexibility, and longevity.
    • Big O Tires offers a variety of products to suit all types of vehicles. Designed with advanced technologies, they have continuously enhanced the quality of their tires. The company provides services to customers in more than 40 states across the country.
    • The Tire Kingdom is another top-selling brand, which aims at rendering services to customers by creating reliable and sturdy tires.

    There are a variety of brands and models of tires available in the market today which are available at discounted prices. To make a wise and informed decision, it is a good idea to read reviews and testimonials online before investing the money. This paves the way for enhancing the performance of your vehicle.