• How to take care of Costco tires

    When you buy Costco tires, the first step you can take in ensuring their long-term usability is care of the tires. Below are listed some of the measures which you should take to protect your Costco tires.

    • Keep the tire pressure up
      It is a common fact that when tires are inflated in proper proportion, the wear pattern gets maximized and this extends the life of the tire. On the other hand, the tires which are under inflated will build up the heat and this can lead to handling issues. Tires which are overinflated on the other hand can also cause problems and can fail you at the wrong moment.
      When you purchase Costco tires, check the air pressure when the tire is cold and do monitor these once in a month. The recommended use of pressure will always be the correct pressure for your tires.
    • Regular rotation of the tires
      When you get Costco tires, take care that these are rotated every 7000 miles. Sometimes, these tires need to be rotated after every 5000 miles also. When it is combined with tire balancing better handling of the vehicle is ensured. Different kind of tire rotation patterns can be used and you should use the pattern which is safe for your vehicle.
    • Consistent driving
      While it might look good when the tires smoke out, they can wear out permanently. When you take the curves sharply some rubber might tear off on the road. You should drive safely on such roads and any damage to the Costco tires will be prevented. Costco tire dealers across the country will always be able to help you in case your tires wear off prematurely.
    • Checking the alignment
      Costco tires should always be checked for alignment on a regular basis. You can get it checked at any of the nearest Costco dealers in your city across the country. Remember that vehicle and tire manufacturer has a different kind of requirements and you should check the owner’s manual and warranty of tire.
    • Measurement of tire depth on a regular basis
      The depth of the tire should be checked on a regular basis every month. To check the quality of tread depth standard US quarter should be used. The quarter should be inserted into the depth of tire. If this does not cover space between rim or coin and top of the head, these tires have worn out and should be replaced.
    • Changing winter tires on a regular basis
      In the country, states like Alaska receive regular and heavy snowfall. In case, winter tires are permitted in your region these should be changed after the winter season. In case these tires are not replaced and used in summer season also these will wear out soon and you will need to buy new tires every winter season.

    Regulatory standards of Costco tires
    Many brand name tires are sold by Costco tires and these are available at multiple locations throughout the country. Every state in the country has different standards and regulations which tire manufacturer need to follow. This applies to Costco tires too and they follow safety regulations which are promoted by national highway safety administration.

    These standards involve a tire pressure monitoring system, display, control and adherence to fuel economy. The tires manufactured by Costco are known to meet these regulatory standards.

    Recommended Costco tires
    Numerous tire brands are available with Costco and Michelin is one of the top most recommended tires from this company. Different customer reports are based on the test condition performance of the tires and Michelin has been able to come up with the recommended scenario in this condition.

    Michelin was able to get a score of 7.5 rating which was followed by Pirelli tires. Bridgeton and Goodrich scored far less in comparison.

    Keep these aspects in mind when you head to Costco tires for getting a new set of four tires for your vehicle and take appropriate measures to care for the same. You will always end up having the best experience.

  • Buying Guide of Costco Tires

    When it comes to buying tires for your vehicle, a range of options exist. Costco tires are the option worth considering as it offers a competitive pricing structure for different brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, and BF Goodrich.

    These Costco tires can either be winter tires, all season tires or summer tires. These tires can either be purchased individually from the warehouse or you can also purchase a set of 4 tires for your vehicle. Evidently, certain discounts will be available on Costco tires when an entire set is purchased.

    Buying tires from Costco have another advantage that these tires could be installed on the vehicle if so desired by the user. However, a certain fee might be applicable when Costco tires representative is called for fixing the tire.

    Costco tires usually are priced around $72 for a set of four tires when these are to be installed on the vehicle. Costco tires will also allow the non-members at its portals to purchase tires at a slightly higher price, as compared to those who have taken membership from the dealer.

    There are a certain set of tires on Costco which are available for members only. Such tires are available with a gray box indicator and Costco members can log in with their ID and can get some discounts.

    Hours of operation at Costco
    The hours of operation at Costco tires are usually the same as that with many other warehouse users. However, different locations have different timings and in case you are looking for locations of Costco Tires across the country, you can check it out their website for the same.

    Many of the locations of Costco Tires open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am and close at 8:30 pm. The stores are also open on Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. You might have to line up at the store for purchasing the tires and some of the Costco tire stores also have the service of scheduling a specific time when the store can be visited.

    Pricing of Costco tires
    Several factors influence the pricing of Costco tires and the main ones among these include tire manufacturers, warehouse location and size of tire to be purchased. The prices, however, are different for snow tires or those to be used in winters. However, when snow tires are to be used, only 6 states approve the use of studded tires in winters. 11 states, however, restrict the use of studded tires completely.

    Costco tire dealers will be able to tell you more about this and the time span when these tires can be used. The average price of Costco tire is about $20 but in case you can buy these from a sale, a set of tires can be purchased at a discounted price.

    Costco tires should be purchased for specific reasons as these come with specific benefits.

    • You can get a lifetime warranty
      When you have a lifetime warranty with Costco tire a technician will always be a call to repair the tire. In case this is not possible, the Costco dealer will provide you with credit which can be encased. In cases, when the tire gets flat and is not in a repairable position these are replaced for free.
    • Lifetime balancing and rotation
      This option is not available with most Costco tire dealers but can be availed at some outlets of Costco tires. Balancing and rotation can be done at around $15 per tire at these outlets and should be ideally done 1-2 times per year. It can, however, save you a substantial amount when the service is availed for a longer duration over the course of years.
    • Nitrogen Inflation
      When the tires are replaced with Costco tires, Nitrogen is used to inflate the tires. Sometimes, the tires which are needed are not available in the stock and calling the dealer in advance will help and they can keep the Nitrogen inflated at the time when you arrive at the dealer’s place.
  • Tips to Enhance the Life of Your Car Battery

    Purchased a new car and you do not want to take any chances with its maintenance? You are also extremely careful about the well-being of your engine. Well, you are not the only one. There are many other people like you, who consider a strong engine is all that you need for running a car smoothly. To run a car smoothly, you need to be careful about each and every part of the vehicle. Special care should be given to the car battery because the vehicle becomes completely inoperative without it. Whether it is starting the car or putting on the lights, air-conditioners, and stereos, the battery is needed to function.

    Battery forms an essential part of your vehicle and needs equal care like clutch, break or engine. Though battery life is fixed, you can follow some simple tips to keep it strong for a little longer.

    Prefer long drives over the short ones
    Charging the car battery of your vehicle is essential for keeping it stronger and running the car for long distance is one of the best ways of keeping the battery charged. People who run their cars for short distances often fail to provide their battery adequate charge, which in turn reduces the battery life. However, if you do not have to cover long distances every day, make sure to ride it a little longer at least once a week.

    Do not keep the car idle for a longer period
    As it has been already said that running the car for longer distances increases battery life, you should also note keeping the vehicle kept idle for a prolonged period can weaken its life. Drive your car frequently, especially in the winter months, as the drop in temperature can dampen the car battery. Also, you should be careful about purchasing car batteries and look for Mighty Max Batteries. These car batteries have received a positive response from buyers and are known for their longevity.

    Switch off lights
    Many people often forget to switch off the lights of their vehicle, which in turn reduces the life of their car batteries. If you do not want to spend unnecessarily on car batteries, you should be careful about putting off the lights, when those are not in use. Special care should be given when you are installing any additional light unit in the car.

    Install electronics you need
    Installing different car electronics for decorating the car can also take a toll on the battery life. When installing any additional electronic gadget, you should make sure to check its compatibility. Also, you should refrain from installing devices that you do not need, as these will reduce the battery lifespan. Whether it is a light, stereo or video unit installed in the car, you should not use it when the car is idle, as this weakens the battery.

    Corrosion can be harmful
    Check your battery terminals frequently and save it from corrosion. Clean the terminals with water, baking soda, and a toothbrush. Dip the brush in soda water mixture and scrub the terminals. Once done spray cold water over the area and wipe it with a clean cloth.

    Fastening the car battery
    Many people forget to fasten the battery properly and end up damaging the vehicle. Short circuits and internal damage of the battery, which is often caused due to improper fastening, will not only compel you to replace it but also it will save the vehicle from any damage. So, check the terminals frequently. People driving on bumpy roads should give special care to the fastening of car battery as the batteries often get loose when the car jerks in these roads.

    Check the battery
    Get a car battery tester from Amazon or any other reputed store and check its output voltage. This will help you in understanding whether it needs to be charged or it’s running smooth.

    When purchasing a battery for your car, you should make sure to inquire about its life. Always go for a battery with bigger lifespan even if it’s a bit pricey than the ordinary ones.

  • A Guide to Purchase Car Battery

    A battery is one of the most important units of the vehicle as it is needed for every action performed by the vehicle. However, most of the car owners forget to test their car batteries at regular intervals and end up damaging it. If you have purchased a new car, you should be careful about the maintenance of your car battery and get it replaced on time. Most of the vehicle owners make a common mistake of waiting until the battery becomes completely dead. Know the lifetime of the battery installed and replace it on time. Replacing the battery is pretty simple and you can at ease make the purchase by yourself. If you are looking to replace car batteries for the first time, you can check out a few simple suggestions listed below:

    Size of the battery
    Car batteries can be of different types and sizes. Therefore, when you are making the purchase, you should note its group size, as it indicates the height, width as well as length of the car battery. The group size is generally mentioned in the manual. However, if you cannot find it, you can always get the battery checked by a mechanic and ask him the necessary details. Always remember, the battery that you purchase should set perfectly in the tray or else it may become loose from vibrations while running the car.

    Check the manufacturing date
    Buying a new battery does not mean getting a fresh piece from a dealer. The purchase should be made intelligently and importance should be given to the manufacturing date of the unit. Manufacturing date is indicated in the battery and you should never accept anything, which is older than six months. If you are making the purchase online, you should ensure that the dealer has transparent replacement terms for exchanging older or defective batteries. ExpertPower 12V 7 Amp EXP1270 Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery has gained popularity among the car owners and you can check it out if needed.

    Charge reserving capacity
    Each and every battery has some power of its own. When you are selecting a new car battery, you should check the time period for which the battery can operate on its own or without starting the engine. For the best results, you should always opt for batteries with higher reserve capacity as these can sustain in tough situations like alternator failure or noncompliant engines. Apart from the reserving capacity, you should also check the power requirement that it needs for starting the vehicle. Power requirements or Cold Cranking Amps should be selected carefully. For the best results, it will be better to select the Cranking Amps depending on the climate of your region. Higher Cold Cranking Amps is better for places with low temperature.

    Know the maintenance terms
    When purchasing a new battery, you should also give importance to its maintenance terms. Generally, there are two types of batteries. One is the sealed battery, which requires no maintenance to keep running. While the other is unsealed batteries or low maintenance batteries. No maintenance batteries keep the electrolyte running without any manual intervention while the low maintenance ones require distilled water for functioning.

    Battery life
    This is one of the most important factors to be taken into account when replacing the battery. Enquire for the lifespan of the battery that you have decided to purchase and select something that has a greater lifespan. Also, you should be careful about the life of the existing battery. Get your battery checked by a mechanic to know, whether it needs replacement or not.

    Depending on your experience, you can purchase the same battery model that you are using in your vehicle or search for something better. When purchasing a car battery, you should also consider about the warranty of the product and opt for the ones, which offer you a free replacement for a longer time period, even if it is a bit expensive. Fasten the battery appropriately and check the terminals periodically.

  • Wheel Alignment And Firestone Wheel Alignment Coupons

    Are you someone who often visits a service center for repairing different parts of your car? Well, maintenance and repairing jobs are common with any vehicle and your car is also not an exception. However, if the break down of the vehicle has become a frequent issue, then you must have neglected the maintenance part. Many car owners often forget to get time to time maintenance of their vehicle and have to shell out a lump sum amount later. Do not be among them. Ensure maintenance of each and every section of your vehicle and give special importance to the wheels. Many car owners forget to check tire pressure as well as wheel alignment and end up crashing the vehicle.

    Fixing wheel alignment of a four wheeler is both money and time intensive. That is why, most of the people prefer to avoid it and end up damaging the tires. If you do not want to be among them, you need to check the tires at regular interval of time. There are several online portals that offer Firestone wheel alignment coupons. You can use them and get the job done in your budget.

    While leakage repairing and air pressure checking are done by almost all drivers, many car owners do not have a clear understanding of wheel alignment. If you are also among them, you need to know a few details related to it.

    What is wheel alignment and why it is important?
    Wheel alignment is a technical term, which refers to the adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension so that it does not get automatically inclined to a particular direction. Suspension or the system connecting the wheels is aligned by making adjustments in the tire angles so that they run properly on the roads. Wheel alignment is important not only for the tires but also for the vehicles. It plays a great role in determining the longevity of the car as improperly aligned vehicles are often subjected to road crashes. Also improper alignment takes a toll on the tire and reduces its lifespan. Therefore, you should never fail to check the alignment on time. Firestone wheel alignment coupons are of great use in such cases.

    Why vehicles alignment is changed?
    Correcting the alignment once is not enough as the fixed angles start changing when the vehicle runs on the road. Not just the novices, many experienced drivers too fail to understand the factors, which affect the alignment of wheels. Though there can be multiple reasons for alignment change, jerking on the potholes or hitting the curbs are some of the common causes, which throw off your wheel alignment. Bumping on uneven roads or wear and tear of the tires caused due to usage also affects alignment.

    Is it wise to use DIY wheel alignment techniques?
    If you are among those car owners, who take pride in conducting the basic maintenance of their cars on their own, you may like to check the alignments of your car by using some DIY techniques. Wheel alignment is a complex procedure. Therefore, if you want to get the job done on your own, you should know how to check the measurements of car toe and compare it with the ideal toe. You also need to have a clear idea about the camber and caster number of the wheels. Once you get a clear understanding of the measurements, you need to follow the techniques for correcting the angles. Wheel alignment plays a crucial role in the functioning of the vehicle. Therefore, you should do it yourself only when you are confident about your skills; if not, firestone wheel alignment coupons are your best option.

    Correcting the wheel’s alignment is not a simple process like changing the tires. Therefore, to get the job done in the best way, you can always take it to Firestone service centers. Get Firestone wheel alignment coupons online and use it when needed. There are several websites that offer firestone wheel alignment coupons. You can check them out or collect it from the official site of the company.

  • Tips On Firestone Wheel Alignment Coupons

    Have you recently purchased a new car and flaunt it every day on your way to office? Whether you are driving the car everyday or you take it out once in a while, you need to be careful about some essential car care tips. Apart from refueling the car on time, you need to check the condition of your battery, engines, as well as wheels. Tires or the wheels are among the most neglected parts of a car, and most car owners consider about it only when it causes any disturbance to their smooth driving experience. If you do not want the same to happen with your car, take care of its wheels. Make sure to inspect the condition of tires and check air pressure at regular intervals. Also be careful about the alignment of the wheels; Firestone Wheel Alignment Coupons are helpful in such situations.

    Car owners, who want to maximize the life of their car tires always check the alignment of wheels on time and get it properly set in case of any problem. While some prefer to get the job done on their own, there are others who look out for Firestone Wheel Alignment Coupons and save money without compromising with the service.

    Why wheel alignment coupons are popular?
    Just driving the car is not enough. For complete maintenance of the vehicle, you need to understand its functioning. Wheels, which are among the most important parts of a car, should be observed carefully and should be checked in case, it is showing unusual wearing of the tire. Care should also be given if the steering column does not remain straight and moves to a specific side as this is one of the most common indications of improper wheel alignment. This is where Firestone Wheel Alignment Coupons come into play.

    While many people fail to understand when the wheels need to be aligned, there are others who avoid the task for the charges involved. If the charges of wheel alignment is barring you to get them corrected, you can always search for coupons. Many reputed tire companies, including Firestone offers attractive coupons for wheel alignment from time to time. Just collect them and save money.

    Where to find wheel alignment coupons?
    If you are interested to save some money on wheel alignment services and want to use coupons for the same, you can certainly rely on the web. There are several online portals that offer car care coupons from time to time and keeping a track of these sites can help you in finding the best deal for your use. If you are searching for Firestone coupons, you can check out the Coupons website as it has a huge store of discount vouchers or coupons. Apart from checking out different online sites, you can also subscribe for mails from online stores, which provide discount coupons. When accepting a coupon, you should make sure to check its authenticity. Also ensure to use it before it expires.

    Why wheel alignment is essential?
    Wheels are something that a car uses round the clock. Whether the car is standing idle or its running on the road, it needs the wheels for its support. Therefore, malfunctioning of the wheels will certainly lead to the malfunctioning of the vehicle. Vehicles that run on the road with improper wheel alignment get their tires soiled within a short span of time. This means if you do not give importance to checking the alignment of the wheels, you need to prepare yourself to shell out a hefty sum of money for replacing the tires. In many cases, soiled tires caused from improper wheel alignment have led to car crash. Thus, it is better to get things fixed on time. If you cannot determine the problems with the alignment, you can always take the help of a mechanic experienced in these types of works. As there is no definite time for fixing the alignment, it is better to get it done every time you change engine oil.

    There are several outlets, which can help you with wheel alignment. So, search for Firestone wheel alignment coupons and get the job done in your budget.

  • Tips To Purchase Michelin Tires For Sale

    Car tires are one of the most important units of any vehicle, and they need due care for ensuring longevity. However, they wear out with time. If the tires of your car have worn out and needs replacement, do not ignore. Purchasing tire is a major investment, which is why many car owners often delay the job. If you want to drive safe and ride safe, do not be among them. To get the best value for your money, you can search for the stores offering Michelin tires for sale. There are several stores that now offer Michelin tires for sale, and you can easily make the purchase by following a few simple steps.

    Car model is important
    When searching for car tires, you need to give due importance to the model of your car, as each vehicle has different requirements. Michelin has compatible tires for almost all types of cars plying on the roads, and you can check their website to find the tires that are compatible with your vehicle. Whether it is a Bentley or a BMW, the company has dedicated set of tires for each of them. So, just make your pick wisely.

    Size matters
    In case, you are not purchasing the tires from the official store of the company and looking for discount deals to save money, you need to be careful about the size factor when looking for Michelin tires for sale. You need to note the tire width across the treads as well as the sidewall aspect ratio in comparison to the tire’s width. Rim diameter, speed rating of the tire, as well as load rating of the tire are also among the important factors that you need to note for making the purchase easier when getting Michelin tires for sale. Making a decision just based on the discounts is not enough.

    Go for all season tires
    Many people make a mistake of purchasing cheap tires for saving money and end up with a low quality product. Do not be among them. If you want to get the best value for your money, you should be ready to spend enough money for purchasing an all season tire that can help you drive hassle free even during the harsh weather conditions. Michelin tires that are currently for sale have a wide range of tires for all seasons.

    Check the wheels
    When considering purchasing Michelin tires for sale, you should not just focus on the code of the tires or its size. You should also check the condition of your vehicle, especially the wheels. Never get a new set of tires on misaligned wheels as this will affect their performance. Many people make a mistake of getting the alignment checked after installing new tires. Do not be among them. It is important to ensure that the car has accurate alignment after getting new tires.

    Determine whether you actually need a tire
    This is another important factor to be considered when you are looking for new Michelin tires for sale. Many times people get their old tires replaced without checking its condition properly. If you want to get the best value for your money, you should take the assistance of a car mechanic to decide whether your tires actually need replacement or can be used for some more days. Just getting new tires in sales does not assure the best value for money. To make the most of every penny, you need to be an intelligent shopper.

    Know the seller
    When you are considering about purchasing Michelin tires for sale, you need to pick the seller carefully. Michelin is one of the most popular tire brands available in the country, and will never compromise with quality. However, some sellers may offer you fake products by luring you with attractive deals. Do not get duped by them and ensure the authenticity of the seller as well as tires before making the decision.

    Whether it is a new tire or the old one, you need to ensure its maintenance. Get the tire pressure checked regularly and fix any problems at the soonest.

  • Using Tire Coupons To Your Advantage

    Coupon tires are a great way of saving whenever you decide to buy a pair of tires for your vehicle. There is a range of service providers in the country who provide tire coupons benefits to customers. Tires Plus is one of the service providers in the country who offer a range of tire coupon plans for its customers. Ideally, when you wish to avail the services of any of these service providers who offer discount coupons for your car or other vehicles, you need to either take a printout of the tire coupons format or use it electronically at the store where a purchase for the tires is being done.

    It will benefit the customer if they use the tire coupons for making a purchase of a set of 4 tires as most of the discount plans are applicable only on a complete set of tires and individual tires when purchased generally do not fall in the ambit of such discount schemes.

    Discount on Bridgestone tires
    A set of 4 Bridgestone tires when purchased through coupon tires discount schemes will offer you a discount of around $50. This discount is available on the set of tires particularly Bridgeton Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia and Ecopia EP 422 Plus. Next time, when you choose to purchase tires from this company, ensure that you buy a set of above-listed tires so that you get a discount of $50 on the purchase. This discount amount is variable and ideally is applicable for a duration of 3 months after which the plan might change and a new set of tires is introduced in this scheme or the discount amount can also change and this might increase or decrease in some cases.

    Discount on Firestone tires
    If you have a particular preference when it comes to buying tires, service providers which offer exciting tire coupons have a range of options available. For people looking forward to purchasing a set of Firestone tires for their vehicle, a set of 4 Firestone destinations LE2 tires are available with a discount of $40 on the effective prices of these tires. The discount on these tires is generally available for a 3 month period after which the plan might change.

    Primewell Tires
    Sometimes companies which offer tire coupons come up with innovative plan to be in the foreground. One such company is Primewell tires which offer a worthy discount whenever the coupon is used to purchase Valera Touring II tires from Primewell. When you decide to purchase 3 tires from Primewell, ideally you get one tire for free under the discount tire scheme. However, such schemes are for a shorter duration and the one available on Tiresplus.com is for a time span of 30 days only. If you are among those who are looking forward to buy a set of tires for your vehicle this month in any city or town in the country, trying the coupon tires scheme from Primewell can work to your advantage since you will get a tire free in this scheme.

    Discount on tires
    Primewell tires are also available with a discount of up to 30% on the effective price in some cases. This tire coupon is currently available on select Primewell Valera A/T and H/T tires. You can avail the discount at any of the stores of Tire Plus throughout the country and you might need to produce a printed copy of the coupon.

    In case you are on the move and are not in a position to take a printout, an electronic copy of the discounted tire coupon can be downloaded from the website which can then be encashed for the discount amount at the store.

    Discount coupons are a worthy way of saving valuable money which can then be used for meeting out other expenditures of the vehicle. Develop a habit of using these discount coupons and reap the benefits.