• Guide to filing your income tax returns online

    Modern advances in technology have made it possible for taxpayers to file their returns online without having the need to visit a tax filer. Since there are different types of income tax returns, it is important to understand which one is applicable to you. Choosing the right income tax return is the first step to file your taxes online. You may pick the tax form which corresponds to your current income bracket. This also allows you to claim credits, deductions, and the income that are applicable to you.

    How to file U.S individual income tax returns
    The standard federal income tax form for this is IRS Tax Form 1040, which is also known as the long form. If you are confused about which form to use, you may choose this one. You may download the form on your computer or collect it from a post office or local library near you. The due date for filing the form is 15th April. However, you may be granted a six-month tax extension, but it is advisable to make the payment by the deadline.

    Filling out the form
    There are step-by-step instructions, which may help you fill out the form, however, you may need to have a number of details ready to be entered. These include a proof of identification, social security number, filing status, residency status, date of birth, and a copy of your past tax return. You may have to provide the statement of wages earned, statement of interest and dividends from banks, and any proof of tax credit or tax deductions/exclusions. You may fill the form as per the instructions and provide the necessary details as and where asked for.

    If you are not confident about filing the form yourself, you may seek help from a professional for the same. You may start by understanding the meaning of different terms associated with income tax filing, after which you may be able to fill the details appropriately by yourself. Once the form has been completely filled, you may file your taxes online and make the payment. Do keep in mind that the payment should be done by the due date. There is no extension granted automatically, but you may file for a six-month extension to file your return. It should be noted that a lot of taxpayers confuse the extension criteria and end up filing for an extension without paying their taxes on time.

  • Things you need to know about bad credit personal loans

    Every year, thousands of people in the country apply for personal loans to meet their financial requirements. Personal loans may be utilized for any purpose and are straightforward and simple in application. Borrowers with a good credit score will have no issues with regard to the application and approval of their personal loan. However, the story is entirely different if you have a bad credit. Nonetheless, it is not impossible.

    It is possible to get a bad credit personal loan from various lenders in the market. A score of 550 or lesser than that means a bad credit and most banks and financial institutions will not be willing to lend you money.

    Tips to build a credit score
    Here are certain steps that you may follow so that you are eligible for a bad credit personal loan.

    • Rebuild your credit
      A credit score of 580 is considered to be fair. Hence, if your score is below that, you need to make efforts to reach the fair score. You will still have to pay a higher interest rate, but you will get access to the funds. You will have to collect your credit report and understand how the score is calculated. Report any errors you notice in the report and take small but consistent steps to improve your credit rating. These steps may include paying your credit cards debt on time, repaying any outstanding loans on time, and so on.
    • Contact bad credit lenders
      There are various private lenders in the market who offer loans to bad credit holders. Get in touch with them and ask for a quote. The best is to apply for a pre-approval and check whether you qualify or not. Based on the same, you will be able to decide whether or not you may approach the lender.
    • Apply for a secured loan
      It might become difficult to get an unsecured loan when you have a poor credit score, but you may always apply for a secured loan. There are a number of banks and credit unions that offer secured loans against a hypothecation of an asset. If you own an asset, you may use it for the loan and get funds against the same.

    A bad credit score does not mean that you cannot raise funds at all. You might have to put in additional efforts for the same, but it is possible to get a personal loan with a bad credit rating.

  • Importance of getting a tax advice

    It is essential for every taxpayer to file their income tax returns on time. However, not everyone is abreast with the latest changes and amendments to the laws and regulations of the country. Only professionals and experts have thorough knowledge about the current rules and amendments. This is why it is important for you to seek tax advice from tax professionals. The professional tax advice is not restricted to the residents of the USA only. If you are a resident and have moved abroad but have an ongoing obligation to file the income tax return, it will help you to seek advice from expert professionals. You will be able to continue your liability for the US taxation even when you have moved out of the country.

    How does tax advice help?
    Tax advisors understand the system of the home country and have an idea about the overseas tax system as well. Unless you know how both the systems work, you will not be able to plan your taxes accordingly. When you seek tax advice from professionals, you know for certain that you are relying on the right people with regard to tax planning and filing. Any individual, business-owner, and a salaried employee can seek advice from these professionals so as to be on the right side of the law. They will help you minimize your tax bills and improve your current financial position.

    Fees for tax advice
    It is important to keep in mind that tax advice comes for a cost. Every individual is required to pay the fees charged by these professional advisors. There are advisors who can help you plan your investments in a better manner so as to reduce the liability of tax on you. The fee varies depending on the type of professional you approach for the purpose of professional advice.

    When you prepare your income tax filing, keep the professional advice in mind. You may be able to notice the difference in your income tax liability and your financial position. This will allow you to save money and invest the same into appropriate investment products. Consider a reliable and qualified tax advisor for your services. Although getting a professional tax advice is expensive, the money you invest will be worth it in the long run as it will help you make well-informed decisions.

  • Here’s how to get an IRS tax identification number

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues various numbers to identify individual taxpayers and make it easier for them to file the returns and claim the benefits. The IRS tax ID number is a taxpayer’s identification number which is used by the Internal Revenue Service in the tax laws. This number is issued by the Social Security Administration or by the IRS. The identification number includes the Social Security number (SSN), individual tax identification number, employer identification number, taxpayer identification number for pending US adoptions, and the preparer taxpayer identification number.

    Why is IRS tax ID number essential?
    The IRS tax ID number (TIN) is important. It must be furnished in every statement, return, and other tax documents. It should be furnished at the time of filing your returns and also when you claim the treaty benefits. You may also be required to furnish the number if you are claiming the tax treaty benefits, exemption from annuities, and an exemption for effectively connected income.

    Procuring a the IRS tax ID number
    One may get the IRS tax ID number in the form of a Social Security number by filling out the application for a Social Security card. A person may be required to submit evidence of their age, identity, and citizenship of the US for further processing. One can get the employer identification number by filing the form for the same. The individual taxpayer identification number is available for nonresidents, residents, aliens, and also for dependents who are unable to get the social security number.

    It is important to understand the different types of numbers issued by IRS and to differentiate those that are applicable only to oneself. In order to ensure a smooth tax filing process, a person may be required to quote the number on various forms. It is ideal to fill up the application form at the earliest and procure identity proof if a person does not have one yet. The number will form a part of one’s identity proof, and they will be required to quote it across various platforms. A person needs to consider their eligibility for the number and apply for the one that is the most appropriate for them as an individual or a nonresident individual. One needs to understand which ID number to use for the purpose of tax filing or claiming the income credit. A person cannot claim income credits through the individual taxpayer identification number, which is available for non-residents and residents and their spouse.

  • Understanding the functions of TurboTax coupon code

    Even if you have no knowledge about taxation or financial management, you can file taxes with coaching at every step of the way by using the services of TurboTax.

    How it works
    You may get started by simply providing information about your profession and your income. You may have to take a picture of your W-2 and verify the data while it uploads onto the system within no time. Additionally, you may file the return electronically and receive a quick refund. You may also receive a confirmation email after the refund has been accepted. You can track the return online or through your phone after you have filed for the same. You will also come to know when the refund will be deposited into your bank account. TurboTax will help you prepare your return with confidence and ensure that your refund is received at the right time. You can also look out for TurboTax coupon codes to get discounts on their services.

    TurboTax offers a number of products and services for your convenience. It has you covered and promises to help you receive a maximum refund. TurboTax scans through every detail on your return and offers a refund after thorough consideration of every figure. You may use the TurboTax coupon code to avail of a special discount on the same. The coupons vary from time to time and these codes may be used at the affiliate of the company. You may choose the coupon based on your requirement and purchase the deal. It may allow you to save money and file the returns within no time. You may also be able to get a quick refund on the same.

    There are coupons for self-employed individuals and for tax software. Whichever of these you may be eligible for, you may purchase and use the coupons for your benefit. TurboTax coupon code will be available to you when you purchase the deal and you can use it at the time of checkout. The coupon also comes with an expiry date. Every coupon is unique and is designed to make it easier and quicker for you to plan your taxes and to manage your finances. You may easily use the coupon for filing the returns, claiming the refund, or for tax exemptions. If you are not confident about filing the taxes by yourself, you may choose a coupon which offers you the services of a live CPA, who may calculate your taxes and help you file your return.

  • How to use the payroll tax calculator

    Payroll taxes are the taxes which are withheld from the paycheck of an employee by the employer. These taxes are local, state, and federal taxes which are withheld as per the law. They consist of income taxes, Medicare taxes and Social Security taxes. The Medicare Tax and Social Security will be matched by the employer.

    Form W-4
    Each employee has to fill out and sign the W-4 form as the taxes are calculated based on this form. The employee will declare the amount being withheld accordingly. The refund for the taxpayer is also calculated through this form. The IRS will provide the income tax calculation, which is based on these declarations made by the employees. The employer uses a formula to calculate the state tax for each employee. This formula is provided by the state tax board and the employer needs to abide by the same. It is important that the employer is aware of the current tax rates so as to calculate the payroll tax accurately. It is the responsibility of the employer to make the payment of the taxes within the due date.

    Payroll tax calculator
    To help one calculate the tax, it is advisable to use the payroll tax calculator. It is a business calculator which will help make the right decision. Every business owner can use the calculator to determine the taxes. The payroll calculator helps determine the take-home pay and is suitable for individual use as well as business use. It also helps calculate 401K and determine the net pay for the employees. The calculator is easy to use and runs on the latest technology making it easier for both the employer and the employee to understand the calculations.

    The payroll tax calculator saves the time and effort it takes to calculate the taxes before the employer withholds the same from the salary of the employees. The calculator uses the specific formula assigned by the state tax board and calculates the taxes accordingly. One may only fill in the details about the employee, their salary, and bonuses. The calculator uses the rate and calculates the taxes within a few minutes. It also uses a supplemental tax rate to calculate the withholdings on a special wage payment, like the bonus. If there is no supplemental rate, one may use the aggregate bonus calculator for the same.

  • Things you need to know about your income tax refund status

    If you have paid more taxes than you are liable to pay, the Federal Government will issue you a refund for the same. This mistake could happen when the employer deducts your taxes incorrectly. You are advised to check whether you are eligible for a refund or not. If you are, you will be issued a check for it within 21 days.

    How to check the income tax refund status
    Once you file the return, you may check whether it has been accepted or not. You may do this within 24 to 48 hours of filing your income tax return. If you have filed the return on time and are expecting a refund, you can check its status online. To check the income tax refund status, you need to have the social security number, the filing status, and the dollar amount of the refund at your disposal. You can use the online Where’s My Refund tool, as the system gets updated every 24 hours and is the easiest way to track your refund.

    In addition to that, you can also call the IRS and check the income tax refund status over a phone call. You may have to wait for a longer duration to speak with a representative. You also have the option of using the automated phone system and following the prompts whenever you make the call.

    The refund is issued within 21 days from the day you filed the tax return online, or within 42 days from the day you filed your paper returns. In case the refund has not been issued within these time frames, you need to investigate the reasons behind the delay.

    Why is my refund not issued?
    There are several reasons why you may not have received your income tax refund by the due date. One of the most common reasons for the IRS holding back the refund is the outstanding debt for the taxpayers. If you have an outstanding debt, the refund may not be issued to you until you make the payment for the entire amount outstanding.

    You can easily check your income tax refund status online and contact a representative in case of any queries. Most refunds are issued on time and will be dispatched within 21 days from the date of filing of the return.

  • What is cash advance on tax refund

    If you are in urgent need of cash, there is nothing to worry about. While you are waiting for your tax refund to be processed, you may avail of a zero-interest loan without any finance charges. This is a short-term loan, which will allow you to meet immediate liabilities. It is a quick and convenient form of borrowing known as the cash advance on tax refund. You may receive this money in less than a day, and it will remain secured against your tax refund. When the refund is issued under your name, the amount of cash advance will be deducted from the same.

    In order to be eligible for the cash advance on the tax refund, you need to have made the tax payments on time, since an online payment will not be considered. Typically, this means you may have to pay a tax preparation fee for the same. In addition, this refund should be of more than a minimal amount. This amount varies from company to company. This type of borrowing is ideal if you have filed your returns on time. If you spend a lot of time waiting for the tax refund to be issued, you cannot make any payments until you receive those refunds. However, in this case, with a loan, you will be able to receive immediate access to funds on the basis of tax refunds.

    Benefits of cash advance on tax refund
    If you are a low-income taxpayer, you may count on the tax refund to make short-term payments. However, it should be noted that there is no specific timeline when the refunds will be issued and transferred to your account. Despite this, cash advance on tax refund has become popular. This is a loan which is issued for free and the amount will automatically be deducted from the refund issued to you. You are only borrowing for the purpose of making the short-term payments on time. It is ideal to take a loan against cash advance instead of looking for an alternative source of finance. However, it is advisable to stay away from lenders who charge additional fees, like technology fees or application fees.

    Process of cash advance
    If you plan to borrow money against a tax refund, you may file the return at the office and not online. If you are paying for the preparation fee, consider it as a fee for the free loan you will receive in the future.