Why learn to play a musical instrument

Music completes the experience of being a human. It is amazing how it harmonizes even the unnoticed daily cacophonies. Everyone in this world might not be able to sing, but we all have an easy answer to what’s our favorite song. This is because every single one of us can resonate with the power of music. And even if you happen to be clumsy with chords and lines, learning a musical instrument will prove to be a fulfilling experience. It could be anything a guitar or a piano or drums set or even a triangle!

Here are some reasons why you should learn to play a musical instrument.

Relieves Stress
Playing a musical instrument can be an absolute stress buster, you can let go of your worries and trepidation, and might just find the inspiration you were looking for. A lot of your time in the day involves thinking obsessively about concerns, overexerting your mind and body. Investing your time in practicing a musical instrument is a productive musical therapy.

Makes you patient and disciplined
The two virtues that are the hardest to master are patience and persistence.

Playing a musical instrument will make you realize that your mistakes will eventually transform into strengths and your unrelenting attitude towards developing a talent will pay off. You just have to focus on what you have now and make the best out of it.

Making music is a creative process, it is not just bound by certain lessons and rules, but it largely also dependent on your personal motivation and drive. Playing an instrument will offer you with an opportunity to think beyond what’s normal and conventional.

Improves your memory
Learning how to play a musical instrument requires one thing in abundance and that is undivided concentration. You observe, you feel, you process and then you attempt. The way you choose to dedicate your awareness plays an important role in how you choose to create memory techniques for yourself. If you want to know how to play again, you’ll have to remember, so master the art of concentration.

Improves social skills and self-expression
When you know how to play a musical instrument it opens avenues for you to express yourself in various ways. This will boost your confidence as you are using a completely different alternative to put forth your sentiments and feelings. Music is something that intensifies as you keep sharing it. It is a great medium to bring together your family and friends.

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Why learn to play a musical instrument